Preliminärt program


From NoR.

  1. Time schedule

5.1                 Programme
Thursday, 8 august
12.00       Registration, launching and inspections.

16:55       Warningsignal for Tune up race.

18:50       Race office closes.

19:00       Opening ceremony.

Friday, 9 august
08:00-09:20   Registration, launching and inspections.

09:30       Competitors meeting.

10:55       Time for the first warning signal.

Saturday, 10 august
10:55       Time for the first warning signal.

19.00       Regatta dinner.

Sunday, 11 august
10:55        Time for the first warning signal.

No warning signal will be made after 14:00.

Prize giving and closing ceremony soon as possible after the last race.

5.2            9 races are scheduled

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